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Dean's Note from Matt Dierking

Our next program will be the Springfield Organ Crawl on Sunday, November 8th beginning 3:00 pm. Hosted by David Crean, Trudy Faber and Grier Hill, we will “Crawl” some of the most interesting organs and churches in Springfield including the wonderful tracker at Zion Lutheran, the outstanding organ and sanctuary of Covenant Presbyterian and finally, Weaver Chapel – ranked No. 9 on the list of “The 30 Most Beautiful College Cathedrals” by Best College Reviews. We will finish up with a trip to Young’s Dairy for dinner and/or ice cream. We hope to see you all there! Watch your email for details. 


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Last Month’s program with Trent Sims at Harmony Creek Church was fantastic. Trent showed us how to “Deal with a Large Electronic Organ” giving us a tour of the extremely flexible Allen organ. It was a four manual organ, but it’s a little difficult to describe in the usual terms of style or number of stops since it can cover the gamut. The organ uses “sampled voices” from different pipe organs to provide realistic realizations not only of the different voices, but of whole organ style. Trent prepared a wide variety of music to demonstrate the organ styles, or “Suites”, available on the Allen. With a quick touch of a button, he played music appropriate for the English Cathedral, French Cavaillé-Coll, German Schlicker, and Aeolian-Skinner organs… plus a little hint Wurlitzer. He also demonstrated the reverberation capability of the organ ranging from small dead room to large church to full cathedral with a very long ring-down. What a teaching tool to hear each of those organ styles back to back with the right music! Trent said he actually plays different styles in a single service such as Schlicker for a Bach Prelude, English Cathedral for hymns, and then Cavaillé-Coll for postludes – what a fun Sunday! A huge Thanks to Trent for all his work preparing, and to Harmony Creek Community Church for hosting us!



We also honored Ellen Bagley at the Harmony Creek program recognizing her service as both Membership and Directory Chairs. It takes an incredible amount of time to do both of these jobs throughout the year, but both also have deadlines with periods of very concentrated effort. As Directory Chair, she does it all including the design, layout, program write-ups, membership entries and sponsorship development. As Membership Chair, Ellen insures that new and returning memberships are submitted on time, properly paid and recorded. More importantly, she presents a consistent and friendly face to all members making them feel welcome and part of the chapter. I know during my time as Dean, and Sub-Dean, she often worked long hours, weekends and nights to get these jobs done on time. Thank You Ellen for all your hard work, and many years of dedicated service to the guild. We hope you will continue to serve for many more years to come!


Trent Simms


Trent Simms




Ellen Bagley











We are not a stuffy group of high-brow organists, who all have organ performance degrees. No, no, far from it. We are teachers, students, part-time composers and arrangers, office workers, singers, music directors and pastors, professors, engineers, full-time and part-time organists, keyboard and electronic organ aficionados who enjoy supporting one another (and even borrowing from one another) as we play excellent church music that makes a joyful noise to the Lord! (And we eat together from time to time.) Come and join us this coming year.

The Mission of the AGO is:

To advance the cause of organ and choral music, to increase organ and choral music contributions to aesthetic and religious experiences, and to promote the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of organ and choral music.

To improve the proficiency of organist and choral conductors. To evaluate, by examination, attainments in organ playing, choral techniques, conducting, and the theory and general knowledge of music, and to grant certificates to those who pass such examinations at specified levels of attainment.

To provide members with opportunities to meet for discussion of professional topics, and to pursue such other activities that contribute to the fulfillment of the purposes of the guild.

Soli Deo Gloria
Soli Deo Gloria

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